16071 Sunsets later…

IMG_3235October 18 marked 44 revolutions around the Sun for me. It’s been such a ride. This past week,  2 of my favorite people in the world who also happen to be my colleagues were discussing, just this with me. Life is such a journey, ups, downs, twists and turns. It’s hard work. That whole stupid saying, ” You won’t work a day in your life, if you love the work you do.” BS! It’s still work, hard work, but you still love it. Marriage, life, kids, jobs…it’s still work. I love what I do, but it’s still work. I love my family, but it’s still work. I love cooking but it’s still work. When we use sayings like that, it gets people feeling like they are not following their true purpose in life. Following one’s purpose REQUIRES WORK.

16071 sunrises and sunsets later, maybe 15000 sunsets later, I realize what my highest calling is. To JUST BE KIND AND COMPASSIONATE. If I do that in all that I do, then anything I do seems fulfilling. Showing a vulnerable side of myself to my students has helped me become a better teacher. Showing that side to my own children and husband has helped me become a better mother and wife.

How does one get to this point? I don’t know. We all have heard that life is a journey. It truly is. When you become your authentic self, the right people are gravitated towards you, allowing you to flourish in your authenticity. It’s hard to say what comes first, the right person coming into your life allowing you to radiate in your uniqueness or your uniqueness attracting the right people into your life. Chicken or the egg debate still remains.

Finding the right friend who appreciates your truth and allows you to bask in that truth, be it ugly or pretty is what it took me to find  and BE my true self.  Having the right people that surround you allowing  you to take risks that test your true potential. Starting this blog with my daughter felt like a challenge. Professional risks I am taking are because of the friends that  expand my thinking about myself and my reality.  I am grateful for these sunrises and sunsets that  allow me to know that I can always start a new tomorrow and tomorrow the sun will rise yet again. Thanks for sharing this journey with me.


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