When life throws you lemons… not only make lemonade, prepare a pear margarita and a THANKSGIVING feast

”Tis  the season to practice and preach gratitude. Every year I host thanksgiving  & this year would’ve been no different. I ordered my turkey from a local farm . Planned to pick up a Thanksgiving vegetable box from my  local Hilltop Hanover  farm. All plans in effect. It’s November 10 and my dad is scheduled for a femoral angioplasty. He is scheduled at 7am and should be done by lunch. My mom, my daughter,Rachel and my sister and I  are all at the hospital. It seemed that we were all there, for what seemed like a simple enough outpatient procedure.

We go get lunch and after a few minutes, the doctor calls us in. We anticipate seeing our dad at the end of his procedure. Unexpectedly and sadly, my dad  had a cardiac arrest  for approximately 30 seconds, while undergoing the procedure. This also was a reason why the procedure was never completed. Hearing this, I didn’t know whether to pass out or scream. I did neither. Tears streamed down all our faces while my sister placated my mother. All I could think was, “What would this mean? How is he? Is he going to make it? Is his brain in tact?”

Soon enough, we go to the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. We see my dad laying there with machines and cords draped over him and piercing almost every single visible blood vessel. A breathing tube is jammed down his throat.  A sight that could throw any wife or daughter over the edge. We remain calm and unnerved, although all our nerves are in shambles and knots.

Eight days later, my dad is discharged from hospital. Yes, what we expected to be 5-6 hours became 8 full days.  The 8 days included my dad tortuously being weaned off the breathing tube, a trans-venous pacemaker rammed into his jugular vein. The TVP removed, with the idea that his heart didn’t need a pacemaker. The next day, his heart stops again for 6 seconds.  This eventually led to a pacemaker being implanted and sent home. Hoping this is the road to a recovery. Signs from above that led to the pacemaker being implanted

A few days later, it was Thanksgiving. We are always thankful during this season. This year, more than ever. My dad and mom are brought over to our home by my sister and family for our special meal. The day of thanks included family, food and fellowship and fun. The food was all that we believe in, locally sourced, organic, humane.  A day filled with thanks for all we have.  Our meal included so many different appetizers to graze on and a simple thanksgiving meal with pies baked from scratch by my daughters. A holiday that truly what nourished our spirits. This journey called life is hard and bumpy but blessed to be able to commune in love and peace when we can.




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