Teaching seems like a great gig. You teach only 180 days and you get summers off. Teaching is great. Your biological clock even syncs with the school calendar. You are energized in September and begin to lose steam right around the time when a vacation is nearing. Your body knows when to shut down and when to wind back up.Each day begins with interacting with resilient and powerful human beings, your students. Students who come in everyday with hearts on their sleeves. All they want is,  to learn something, find an escape and connect with other humans. The task of teaching is pretty heroic, if done correctly.

Summers have always been a time for me to escape and try to learn more about myself. Life long learning begins with learning about yourself. So here I am continuing on this journey.

I started this blog a year ago to share our family’s passion of food, fellowship, family and  and farm shares with you all. Life got in the way and wasn’t able to find my way back to to this blog.

Isn’t it weird how we don’t spend time on things that help us the most? This past summer, I have retreated so deeply, that I have forgotten to do what centers me. I haven’t connected enough with friends who center me.  I haven’t exercised or done the yoga I love. I haven’t posted fun cooking blogs with my kids. So I came across this on my twitter feed today.

So, I will write when I can and not be fixated on length of blog but I will commit to posting here as it energizes me.  Thanks for sticking with me and will get back to what shapes me and this blogging is part of that.



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