New Year, New Eats

Started this cooking blog with my mom almost a year ago and then I became MIA. But new year, new start!

I love food, of all cuisines, especially Latin American food. Mezón is a family favorite, where we can try new tapas, and even have our favorites that we have every single time! Mezón manages to turn the ordinary into extraordinary. They manage to turn the versatile simple potato, to an intricate tapa, with layers of flavors. My personal favorite, the cigarros huancainas, is filled with flavor and texture. It’s fried potato (mashed), mixed with manchego cheese, and even cilantro, that results in a creamy, cheesy, tangy inside, with a crunchy outside, yum! To complete the tapa, the cigarros lay on olive tapenade–which is the best flavor and texture combo.

Cigarros Huaincanas

The restaurant found a way to make calamari to the next level. Crunchy, and fluffy batter on the outside, but the calamari itself was soft. One of my new favs here!

Next level calamari

The last two tapas we got were PACKED with flavor! The carnitas tostones were fried green plantain topped with juicy roast pork , drizzled with chimichurri. With just a squeeze of lime, the tostones are like a little bite of heaven. What also impressed me is how they managed to turn the ordinary quesadilla into something extraordinary. Soft, juicy braised chicken, paired with sofrito, and jack cheese–a match made in heaven, and to make it even better, topped with crema fresca. New year. New eats. This year is going to be filled with new and fun food adventures!

Carnitas tostones and sofrito quesadilla


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